1. Private (55 minutes sessions)

  2. Business, with MentorShip and
    Adviser related to organisations

  3. Relationships

  4. Management teams

  5. Board of Directors

  6. Group dialogs

  7. Deeper Personal Development


For private sessions 1200 kr included VAT.
A company price and for organisations 2500 kr + VAT.
Sessions are to be fully paid if not cancelled 48 hours before set time. 


Karin Boucher runs the company "The Big Picture", Executive Life Coach, Mentor, Advisor and Certified Master/instructor of the Yuen Method. 

For the past 25 years, Karin coached and trained leaders in various positions of business. She has during her 40 + years working career continuously trained in various fields within behaviourism. 

As a behaviourist with human rescores, therapeutic background she realized that the more traditional explanatory models of how people are as human beings, was not enough and started to educate herself in these. 

With a philosophical approach she aims for a deeper, clearer and more direct understanding of the complexity of our world. Karin tries to make life easier with simplicity and with a neutral empathic approach. To get there one needs to get a conscious understanding and be able to see the big picture by cracking the code of personal responsibility.

Based on an eclectic knowledge, she has worked out various programs to inspire leaders in a unique and exciting way. In aim to increase their understanding of what Personal Responsibility really means to become one of the future leaders in our world. 

With insight and with a direct communication it is easy to have genuine interest, professionalism towards companies, organisations and personal.

For further interest; Karin is a writer and is now working on her own first book. She is also educated in various leadership programs, copy, graphic illustration and project management. 

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