Leader Dialogue 1

Tired of traditional leadership programs? LeaderDialogue held as a group dialogue with brand new "cutting edge" tools anchored in Responsibility, Honesty and Humility. An international leadership development programs in a dialogue the form with the individual in focus. The aim is to create a deeper understanding and the dynamics of different situations in the workplace and how personal insights affect this. Through a deeper understanding you can create greater manageability. You are invited to meet once a month with a theme on each occasion that follows a thread through the program. Dialogue meetings led by Karin Boucher with a maximum of 8 participants.


The foundation of good leadership is all about self-awareness. During our meetings, you will develop:

  • A deeper understanding for how you and others think, feel, and experience
  • The ability to be clearer in your communication
  • The feeling of how an on-going internal process works, changes and evolve
  • Basic decision skills will develop with a more solid ground for decision-making
  • What is important to you? - Find the key to your creative intuition insights


With Honesty, Responsibility & Humility as a base. With new tools you will create a new mind-set within leadership management and develop better relationships with your surroundings. This is accomplished through a learning process consisting of five phases:

  1. Analysis phase
  2. Negotiation phase
  3. Relationship phase
  4. Innovative phase
  5. Creative presence

Leader Dialogue 2

Now we take the dialogue further. With the insights you already have with you. The experiences you have used. Here in LeaderDialogue 2 you get additional tools to take your leadership to a new level. You will be able to see how by your inner knowing, the environment will be affected regardless international background. Conflicts are dissolved. You know the extent of what Responsibility, Honesty and being Humble with acceptance implicates. In discussions be able to share and with deeper self-awareness, you will proceed to:

  • Strengthen your sense for how you and others think, feel, and experience
  • Ability to be clear in your communication
  • The feeling of how an on going internal process works, change and move on
  • Develop a more solid basis for decision making
  • What is important to you in your profession as a person


You understand the magnitude of relying on your previous knowledge, intuition and insights that you know. To deepen this and get to another level:

  1. The overview phase
  2. New orientation phase
  3. Implementation phase
  4. An implementation phase
  5. Trust

Leader Dialogue More

I LedarDialog More går vi vidare och med en tydlig grund får ni ytterligare redskap för att ta ert ledarskap till en ny nivå. Med vetskap bistår ni på ett konstruktivt sätt omgivningen. Ni vet vidden av vad Eget personligt Ansvar, Ärlighet och att vara Ödmjuk med acceptens innebär. I diskussioner kommer ni dela med er av era erfarenheter och med djupare självkännedom kommer det att:

  • Stärka din fingertoppskänsla för hur du och andra tänker, känner och upplever
  • Förmågan att vara tydlig i din kommunikation
  • Känslan för hur en pågående inre process fungerar och du förändras och går vidare
  •  Utveckla en mer stabil grund till beslut
  • Vad är viktigt för dig i din profession som person


För att fördjupa detta och komma till en annan nivå:

  1. Bas fas
  2. Utvecklingsfas fas
  3. Reflektions fas
  4. Utvärderings fas
  5. Ödmjukhet

Course Fee

The price 21 500 sek excl VAT. We meet 5 times at AF, Lund, from 9:45 to 16:00. After that we try to find common times. An individual monitoring and an hour feedback session sometime after the last Dialogue meeting. The workshop continues all day trough snacks & lunch.

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