"A true leader is someone who leads people who creates real lasting change, no matter what the obstacle, no matter what the situation"

Today’s leader needs a well-established, grounded approach to oneself. To have clarity in communication within their organization based from self-knowledge and awareness. With this program for people working with leadership, you as a leader national or international, will obtain a deeper understanding of how yourself and other people function, from all walks of life and cultures. Learn to be more creative, insightful and neutral with empathy with flexibility. Given this brand of new tools that will help you manage your leadership role more constructively. Instrumentality for information and communication becomes more efficient and from empathic neutrality.


Clarify your leadership role with new tools that provide endless opportunities to develop your leadership on many different levels. Relationships will be managed with less friction through your change.
You will learn to:

  • Interpret situations with greater understanding by having cracked the code
  • Interpret and have a more neutral, empathic perspective on the reality we live in
  • And act constructively. How? The program is divided into three stages of five days.

Module 1

Here we begin to train and learn different techniques from empathetic Personal Responsibility:

  • Interviewing methodology with an empathetic, coaching approach
  • See your organization with greater clarity
  • Ensure and deepen your strengths in your profession
  • Techniques for internal and external control
  • To discover new sides of your personality
  • Allow for continuous change and development
  • Be able to understand and change situations smoother
  • To get a better understanding of how to work both physically and mentally, and the relationship between these
  • Get to see the surrounding area from a neutral, empathic perspective Act constructively
  • Know the basics
  • Be prepared
  • React with responsibility
  • Crack the code

module 2

You must have cracked the code and act from Personal Responsibility takes on a whole new meaning by:

  • Depth insightful conversation methods
  • More techniques and tools
  • A neutral view to learn to act more professionally and constructively
  • Quickly and flexibly changing patterns
  • That the team could be neutral to get more results
  • Further enhanced self-awareness
  • Ability to understand and take personal responsibility 
– in full

module 3

Living from Personal Responsibility means a better understanding of how to:

  • Change behaviour consciously, in yourself and thus in others
  • Get insights, continuous improvements and greater creativity
  • Find and understand your authentic self 
The group has full secrecy and there is a clear and open dialogue during the program.

The skills taught require that the participant work from well founded morals and ethics. A will to change, develop yourself and your environment, from an intention of wanting well. With a desire to create natural growth within an organization, the environment and the surroundings he or she comes from and work in.

Course fee

Cost 30 000kr + VAT per module. For private persons 17 000 kr + VAT. 5000 SEK deposit occurs at registration. The course fee is paid 2 weeks before the course starts. The Masterclasses cost 5000 kr for privat persons & 7000 kr for companies + VAT. Costs exclude travel, food and lodging.                        Location Step 1, 2, 3, Certification & Master Classes : Kornheddinge Kvarn

Master class

The Master workshop is a 2 day event were you work with tools based on The Shaolin Grandmaster Dr. Kam Yuen Method.

You will also repeat the tools you received in Stage 1-3 and learn to integrate them with the new through practice in various types of situations. You will learn to look upon and change your defences and let them disappear.

You are given an opportunity to be open and more receptive to handle everything you encounter, privately as well as within your profession. You will understand the scope of living based fro a neutral empathic approach.


Certified in Communicative Leadership:

  • Implementation of tool and methods
  • Speed with neutral insight
  • Individuals must show professionalism
  • Identify and deliver high performance in all situations
  • Accreditation renewed every 3 years

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