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Communicatve Leadership Module 1, AF Borgen, Lund

Welcome to Module 1 of the Program
Communicative Leadership with Personal Development

The Big Picture
"We make leaders aware"

This program is to make leaders aware, to crack the code of higher self-awareness and consciousness,   they become better decision makers. 

This course is a leadership development course where you get tools to handle day to day situations. It´s aim is to make you more aware. With awareness comes the ability to see and understand situations in a new way, the ability to think and than act with clarity in all, not at least, stressful situations. 

This has a direct effect to the organisations efficiency, the communication styles and the motivation and health of employees. That is essential for organisations that want to survive and make a positive impact in the worlds more complex and competitive environment. It is also essential for organisations that want to be in the leading edge and ride the wave of success.

Expect a positive change both in your professional and your personal life. This will change:

  • Your ability to understand and influence yourself

  • Your ability to understand and influence others

  • Your ability to clearly view responsibilities and understand your personal responsibility

  • Your ability to stay neutral and to think clearly in stressful situations

  • Your ability to act fast and accurate with quick results

Good self-awareness, higher conscious it will increase professionalism. 

A conscious leader has clarity in there leadership. This benefits organizations growth and success. It provides motivation, creativity and participation from all in the organization. 

"The successful leader will be the one who blends the Universal Principles of Effective Leadership with a multicultural mindset. The result will have a positive impact upon the organization, as the leader would be viewed as an integral part of the process, in contrast to a dictatorial leadership model. All the Experts in international business agree that to succeed in global business, managers need the flexibility to RESPOND Positively and Effectively to Practices and Values hat May be drastically different from what They are accustomed to. This requires the probability to be open to the ideas and opinions of others "(House et al., 2004).

Step 1, Step 2, Step 3 and Certification is based on developable models. You are taught constructive tools to lead.  Your increased management skills will with effective communicating skills an ability to see and get the big picture will give you a clear leadership with constant new insights.

In life, we all have established patterns that we show in our way of being and acting. Different behavior patterns that characterizes our view of ourselves and of others. The program will give you what you need to meet and change your own rational and irrational behaviours, thoughts and feelings. You work slowly up to what we call, the self, your authentic self.

You will have a pragmatic and empathetic neutral approach towards work. With this knowledge you will become more efficient, a profound and an insightful empathetic view on life. Boundaries are clear and you can be more personal without being private.

We will train in different types of coaching skills and performance reviews will be conducted with a natural interaction that leads to clearer communication. Note: That some tools will be used for training purpose and understanding. The course aims to give you the big picture and go beyond tools and to give you the ability to act from your own being. 

Leaders with the courage to be themselves, meet their employees personally with transparency, clarity and respect. With basic ethics and morals. This creates the platform, a prerequisite for a stimulating and creative working.

The programs are conducted with full confidentiality. This applies to all participants. Everything that is said, taught and hands within these doors stay here. The knowledge, the tools you now must learn based on honesty, respect and responsibility. Show that you take yourself and your employees seriously, for what you now must learn is rewarding and will make life easier and more fun.

Are you ready for change?

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